Kueker’s Nursery and Garden Center


Kueker’s Nursery and Garden Center is a  business, with a unique concept in seasonal presentation as well as unsurpassed plant selection and quality, customers will have their questions and concerns professionally addressed by our knowledegable and friendly sales’ staff. For in-depth answers, customers may put to test the knowledge of one of our resident horticulturists. .  We arrive each spring to offer a spectacular display of the highest quality flower and vegetable plants.  We have earned a reputation as having the tradition of unsurpassed quality and excellence for local gardeners and their communities.

It was recently cited on the evening news, that gardening is fast becoming America’s favorite pastime. Each spring residents in the proximity of a Kueker’s Nursery and Garden Center look forward to our return for the quality, abundance, and variety of plants we offer their garden. At our  location, the shopping center managers and other tenants look forward to the large number of customers we bring to their doorstep. They enjoy our bringing a festive and lively, natural splash of color, to an otherwise gray slab of parking lot.

We at Kueker’s Nursery and  Garden Center reaffirm our growing tradition of quality and excellence. We strive to make our presence a benefit to local gardeners, shopping center management, other shopping center tenants, and the community as a whole.


Custom Creations

Custom Creations is the perfect fit fast-paced lives and want to decorate your home effortlessly and with little or no required maintenance.  Kueker’s customers have an eye for value, style, quality, and comfort, but they have little time to spare.Visit our location for more information or to start planing your Custom Creations today.


WGuarantee Success!

Our plants aree guaranteed to grow and thrive when using recommended procedures from our staff. If you are not satisfied with any of our products or services we will gladly exchange, or replace. (with receipt)

(Landscapers: In trusting your expertise, we do not guarantee commercial or landscape purchases.)


Customer Service

At Kueker’s, we strive to provide exceptional customer service. We take pride in learning all that we can about the products we offer so that our knowledge can be past along to you to ensure success in your lawn and garden.


Home Delivery and Planting Services

Having a hard time stuffing that large tree into your new VW bug? If so, our Home Delivery Service is just the ticket for you!

Our Home Delivery Service allows you to purchase plants and garden accessories at the store and have them delivered to your home! And, we can plant for you too!

Delivery Services – $45

We will deliver any truckload to your driveway (If delivery requires more than one person to unload, an additional fee may be applied).

Contact your closest store to discuss special delivery arrangements, since we like to do whatever we can to meet the needs of our customers.

Planting Rates – For those of you who have very few hours to spend in your garden but still desire beautiful surroundings, we offer a planting service. Our planting service is an additional charge with rates dependent on the products purchased.

  • Plants and Trees – additional 50% of purchase  Some exceptions may apply.


We deliver and plant throughout the year. Once receiving your order, deliveries are typically made within 5 days. Arranging a planting may take an additional day or two. When filling out the delivery information at the store, please indicate which day of the week you prefer and whether you prefer AM or PM. We will do our best to meet your wishes, but scheduling conflicts may prevent us from completely fulfilling your request. In that case, we will contact you with alternative delivery times for you to choose from.