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It’s really very simple. Kueker’s doesn’t want any unhappy customers. And we’ll go to great lengths to make sure every client we serve is 100% satisfied… 100% of the time. Kueker’s employees are working hard to be responsive to your service requests and to any questions or problems that may arise. We believe that’s what good service is all about.

• Web Site Special #1
$10.00 OFF of your first treatment when you become a Kueker’s Full Program Customer and mention our website.
Get a free estimate from Kueker’s on our full lawn care or tree and shrub care program and receive $10.00 OFF your first treatment when you start our service* *Available for New Customers Only

• Web Site Special #2
Summer Insect & Disease Control Spraying for landscape Tree & Shrub!
Protect your valuable ornamental plants from damage of Summer insects like Japanese beetles, aphids, & spider mites, and from summer diseases like powdery mildew and leaf spot with a treatment from our Tree & Shrub Specialist.  Receive $10.00 OFF when mention of this website

• Pre-Payment Special
Receive a 5% Discount anytime you prepay for a complete one-year service in advance. Deadline expired on October 1st.

• Referrals
Earn $25.00 Credit toward your Kueker’s Services for every referral that you give us that results in a new customer.