Pre Emergent,Fertilization,Weed Control Lawn Care Program

Depending on your grass type, the comprehensive Kueker’s Lawn Care Program provides five or seven individual treatments per year especially designed for the midwest market. These treatments are scheduled at five to seven-week intervals and provide both liquid and dry fertilizers as well as weed and turf-damaging insect controls. These programs, coupled with your good watering and mowing, provide your turf with all the basics for a beautiful and healthy lawn throughout the growing season.

Tree and Shrub Program

Each season, your landscape grows and changes. All the trees and shrubs on your property make up a valuable and growing investment, adding both value and enjoyment to your home. But each new season also brings insect, disease and weather problems that can damage or even destroy the beauty and health of your landscape. Kueker’s has the experience you can trust to carefully inspect and manage the health of your landscape trees and shrubs. Through each season of the year, we monitor and treat insect and disease activity on all plants covered by our program. Our program also provides precisely formulated fertilization for improved plant growth, bloom potential and general vigor.


Mechanical core aeration will help alleviate excessive thatch, reduce water run-off and increase water penetration. Spring or fall is the best time to use aeration to enhance the development of a deep root system so that it can withstand drought, disease and insect stresses. The aeration equipment consists of a series of hollow coring tines. When these are rolled over the lawn, they puncture the soil, systematically removing small soil plugs. The equipment is compact and can be easily used in confined areas. The plugs of soil and thatch are pulled up and left on the lawn, as they contain beneficial microorganisms that will help to break down the remaining thatch. They will disappear back into the lawn in 7 to 10 days or with the first mowing. Raking the cores to break them up will speed their disappearance from the lawn surface. Aeration may be used 1 or 2 times each season. It is usually recommended for the spring and in the fall when soil is moist.

Landscape Plant Material Root Injections

Tree & Shrub Landscape – Fall and Spring fertilization of landscape plants are recommended on an annual basis. Plant nutrients are injected directly into the root zone of the plants with special injection equipment in order to provide your tree & shrubs with nutrients where they need them, in the root zone. Surface applications of commerical fertilizers must breakdown into a water solution and leach down to the root zone in order for the landscape plant to utilize the nutrients. Many times, surface applications of granular products may be less effective due to surface wash off resulting from heavy rains or irrigation, or laying around the base of the plant due to the lack of water dissolving the granulars.

It’s Time to Overseed here in the Midwest


All cool-season lawns require special attention every fall in order to maintain a healthy, thick turfgrass for the next growing season. Fescue & Kentucky bluegrass lawns must be re-establish from seed every fall to replace any voids or thin areas of your turf. Cool-season grasses are best seeded from mid-August to mid-September in order for new seed to germinate and for plants to establish a strong root system before winter. Seeding too late can result in weed competition developing next spring due to thin turf areas of your lawn, and poorly established plants before the onset of cold weather.



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